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The most basic role of government is to protect citizens when their rights are being infringed upon, and there is no greater infringement of an individual’s rights than the taking of that person’s life.  Because human life begins at conception, it falls within the role of government to prevent the abortion of unborn children. 


Michigan’s abortion ban – albeit largely unenforceable due to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe vs. Wade – is an amazing piece of pro-life legislation, and one that I would support other states adopting.  Until the repeal of the Roe vs. Wade though, there are measures we can and should take to protect the lives of the unborn.  For example, the petition to ban dismemberment abortions is one that I emphatically support.  Outlawing this most heinous form of abortion will save lives.  I will not only support any similar measure that will save lives of unborn children, but will energetically champion as your State Representative.


The 2nd Amendment is possibly the most unique right enumerated in the Constitution; it is the right that protects all of our other rights.  There are many practical reasons to keep and bear arms, but the most fundamental reason that our 2nd Amendment rights cannot be infringed upon is because they provide a permanent check on government from becoming tyrannical.  In tyrannical or dictatorial countries, citizens do not have the right to bear arms.  We are fortunate to live in a country where this idea seems far off; however, if the worst should happen, and our government usurped unconstitutional power, the only check on them would be millions of armed Americans.  Without an un-infringed right to bear arms, citizens have no way to prevent a government from denying their right to free speech, a free press or to practice the religion of their choice. 


Do people commit violence with guns?  Certainly.  Is this sufficient cause for revoking the rights of millions of Americans from keeping and bearing arms?  Absolutely NOT.  It is both Constitutional and common-sense for citizens of all backgrounds to support this unique right to defend ourselves and our families. 

Perhaps the most insidiously deviant form of taking this right from the people is “red flag” laws.  These laws would permit the government to violate your rights and seize your guns without due process of law.  The fact that this course of action is even considered is shocking and terrifying.  If we as citizens grant our government the power to remove our rights from us without due process, what else do we open the door to?  It is simply incomprehensible to allow such efforts to succeed in Michigan.  As your State Representative, I will ensure that every Michigander has the right to defend themselves and their families with a gun if they choose.


The state of our education system in Michigan is startling.  Our schools are declining at a rate higher than most schools in the country.  Even in areas where Michigan schools show promise, the trends of the last two years indicate we are heading towards a decline faster than most other states in America.  In 2019, US News ranked Michigan 37th in overall ability to educate our students in K-12.  In the next decade this must change.


Fundamentally, I believe that competition breeds success.  This is true in the context of education especially.  When schools compete for enrollment, they are driven to be more innovative, develop new ways to teach students and appeal to the interests of their area.  However, by not allowing parents to choose the best educational path for their children, competition is stifled, and our children suffer.  I support any measure that opens options for parents to choose the best educational option for their children.  This includes charter, private and parochial schools. 

At the same time, we must improve the quality of our public school system.  As your State Representative, I will hold the Michigan Department of Education responsible for failing to grade each school as they promised.  Without holding schools accountable, we cannot begin to address the problem of educating our children.  In the military, accountability is the key to successful mission accomplishment.  Education in Michigan is absolutely void of accountability, and that is likely the cause of our current state of affairs.


Contributing to the student loan debt crisis is the persistence of society and our education system to push four-year universities as the only acceptable path following high school.  Instead, we should be reinforcing to our students that trade schools, vocational schools, the military, gap years and direct placement into the workforce are all great options.  We do not live in a one-size-fits-all world, and our economy needs all different skills to function properly.  We should be promoting all of these options to our children as viable paths towards their future.


A significant part of the role of government is building and maintaining adequate infrastructure on which citizens can traverse to participate in the economy.  Inadequate infrastructure can prevent citizens of all income levels from participating in the economy, but more importantly and practically, it places undue wear and tear on our vehicles—wear and tear that takes money directly out of our pockets.  The small business owner has to replace the tires on her delivery truck more often in Michigan than in any other state.  For this reason, Michigan businesses enter the national marketplace with an immediate disadvantage.


Failing to fund and maintain our roads properly directly impacts Michiganders’ ability to operate businesses and participate in the economy.  The steps taken by the legislature to provide additional infrastructure funding without levying additional taxes is the exact approach I will advocate for as your Representative in Lansing.  As the home of the automotive industry, Michigan ought to boast the most advanced highways and infrastructure in the nation.  This does not simply mean throwing more money at the problem, it means leadership stepping up to the plate to make the tough choices on how to fund these projects.


Taxation is often thought of as a fiscal or pragmatic policy area; how much do we need to tax in order to fund a given number of programs.  Indeed, there are formulas which policy makers can use to calculate mathematically, the optimum tax that maximizes government revenue before decreasing the willingness of citizens to work and earn money. 


I believe this framework for thinking about tax policy is incomplete.  The government seizes our money at every turn: when we purchase goods, sell goods and even when we die.  When thinking about taxation, we must also think about how much citizens ought to be paying.  What amount is fair and ethical to seize from individuals in order to provide for the welfare of our state? 

This logic lends credence to our flat income tax, and it extends to broader questions of taxation.  As a legislator, I will not ask how much more money the government can take by levying taxes.  Rather, I will ask if it is ethical to seize this amount of money from our citizens.  I will oppose oppressive taxation of our citizens and will fight the pervasive governmental logic that the more money you spend on something, the more you care about it.  Citizens of Michigan pay what is owed to the government, and it is the job of our legislature to allocate funds appropriately.


One of the most important roles of government is to foster an entrepreneurial environment which enables businesses of all sizes to grow.  Policies that support small business help to expand our economy by raising employment levels, increasing competition in the marketplace, and expanding the tax base for the state.  As a legislator, I will support legislation that alleviates tax burdens and unnecessary regulation on business.

Policies that support businesses in Michigan are ones that also support farms – another form of small business.  Our elected officials have a unique responsibility to farmers to advocate for the policies that help our community.  Increased regulation on farmers makes their already thin profit margins even thinner and stifles their ability to grow or sustain their farms.  As a State Representative to a farming community, standing up for business and farm owners will be my top priority.


Michigan is in a competition with every other state in America to be the place where new businesses want to move.  As the home of the Motor City, Michigan is no stranger to being a state that champions the entrepreneurial spirit.  When I go to Lansing, I will fight to make Michigan the top choice for people to start and grow their business.

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